Tokyo Drift – The Definitive Edition

Tokyo Drift – The Definitive Edition

Old Russian modding classics are back on the scene, now in HD quality.

Barcode Studia presents a new project — remastering old Russian pirate modifications and porting them to The Definitive Edition.

Modding scene of GTA games is building up. However, we should not forget what we have begun with. One of the modifications Russian gamers remember from pirate CDs is GTA: Tokyo Drift.

You play as Morgan — a former racer, who has returned to Los Santos. He wants to earn money by doing racer again, but no one said that is going to be easy…

And remember — it is just the beginning of our journey to the old GTA modding scene.

New racing missions
The same story as 15 years ago
HD quality is as bad as the original mod

1826 – Porting
Willkozz – Support, testing
And of course, we shouldn’t forget Conrad2007 – an author of the original mod.

Put .pak file to the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition/Gameface/Content/Paks
Delete other story mods if necessary.


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