Realistische Waffenslots V1.0.8.36253235

Realistische Waffenslots V1.0.8.36253235

Custom Weapon.dat CallofDutyStyle Primary Sekundary Weaponslot

Hello, after 3 days of unsuccessful attempts to edit the GTA San Andreas “Weapon.dat”, I can now proudly present my success.

Does it annoy you, too, having to click through 20 different weapons until you get to the minigun?
Certainly not a problem for weapon wheel users.
But when it has to be fast, the mouse wheel is turned faster than the tab key is pressed.

My mod should add some realism (Inspired by Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3)

There are only 5 weapon slots left:

Primary firearm slot
– Shotguns
– Gun
– Sniper Rifle
– AK47
– M4
– Flamethrower
– Minigun
– Rocketlauncher

Secondary firearm-slot (all of them can used for Drive-By’s)
– 9 mm Pistol
– 9 mm Pistol with a silencer
– Desert Eagle
– Sawn off shotgun
– Uzi
– Tec-9
– MP5

– Granates
– Satchel charges
– Molotov-Cocktails

Tactical Gear
– Smoke granates
– Graffiti-Spraycan
– Camera
– Night vision goggles
– Heat vision goggles

Melee Weapons
– Baseballbat
– Shovel
– Katana
– Billardqueu
– Walking stick
– Chainsaw
– Knife
– Golf club
– Nightstick
– All Dildos and Vibrators (can still be gifted)
– Flowers (can still be gifted)
– Brass knuckles (It looks better if you don’t wear it all the time)

The parachute and the remote control for the satchel charges still have their extra slot, otherwise, there might be problems with some missions.


-The 9mm pistol now does the same amount of damage as the 9mm with a silencer.
-The 9mm and Desert Eagle ammo has been realistically set to 6 rounds per magazine.
-Carrying 2 weapons (Akimbo Style) has been removed in favor of accuracy
-Weapon levels (gangster, hitman) have become unimportant, each NPC and the player now have hitman levels

Create the following folder:
in the “Paks” folder of the game

E:\GTA San Andreas – Definitive Edition\Gameface\Content\Paks

copy the 900-ModernWarfareWeaponDat.pak to the ~mods folder

The path in which the *.pak file must be, would be according to my example:
E:\GTA San Andreas – Definitive Edition\Gameface\Content\Paks\~mods

That’s all you have to do to use mods in the Definitive Edition (thanks to UnrealEngine).


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