ImGui Menu (Cleo) – GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition V1.02

ImGui Menu (Cleo) – GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition V1.02

An ImGui menu with the search feature, made using ImGuiRedux for Cleo Redux for the game GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

Works on both Rockstar and Steam versions of the game. MSI Afterburner & RivaTuner overlay has a conflict with other menu style overlays in this game. Might be a DirectX issue. The menu will only work if you close these programs first. You should still be able to earn achievements while using this, to my knowledge. I made this mod, so you can easily search a vehicle/vehicle color/weapon within a menu instead of pressing a hotkey and going through all vehicles to get to your desired vehicle. Apparently, ImGuiRedux has some bugs, not sure why, but if you open the menu and expand lists while inside buildings, it will become buggy. Simply, step outside the building and then use this.

– Vehicle Spawner
– Vehicle Color Changer
– Give Weapon
– Infinite Ammo
– Infinite Health
– Add Armor
– Never Get Tired
– Set/Freeze Wanted Level
– Add/Subtract Money
– Always Stay On Bike
– Spawn Jetpack

To use, simply copy/paste all files in zip folder to CLEO folder for your game. So copy/paste “imgui_gta_sa_de.js”, “data” and “CLEO_PLUGINS” to your CLEO folder (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas – Definitive Edition\Gameface\Binaries\Win64\CLEO). You will need an ASI Loader “version.dll” which automatically gets put in the Win64 folder when you install Cleo Redux to game directory location. And yes, you need to install Cleo Redux.

Insert – Toggle the ImGui menu on or off
F1 – Warp to last created vehicle
F2 – Repair last created vehicle
F3 – Delete last created vehicle

v1.02 on 22-10-2023: Jetpack should have a timeout now if not used right after spawning it (The game needs to free up memory). In the previous version, Jetpack would not de-spawn unless you used it at least once and then saved the game (skipping a couple hours). This could’ve been an issue because if player spawns multiple Jetpacks without using them, it won’t release from the game’s memory.


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