GTA VC DE – 99 Percent and Full Starter (Modded) V1.0

GTA VC DE – 99 Percent and Full Starter (Modded) V1.0

A save game pack in which you will find the game almost complete at 99% and another with a Full Starter.
All this while maintaining fair play.

There are two saves: one at 99%, and one with a Full Starter.

GTAVCsf1.sav = 99%.
GTAVCsf2.sav = Full Starter.

GTA Vice City: Story Missions.

All 23 Main Storyline Missions.
All 13 Gang Missions.
All 5 Phone Assassination Missions.
All Asset Missions.

GTA Vice City: Side Missions & Activities.

All 5 Vehicle Sub-Missions.
All 4 Off-Road Challenges.
All 3 RC Missions.
All 6 Street Races.
All 3 Stadium Events.
All 4 Chopper Checkpoints.
All 4 Sunshine Autos Vehicle Lists.
45 points at the Ammu-Nation Shooting Range.

GTA Vice City: Collectibles & Miscellaneous.

Buy all 9 Safehouses.
Rob all 15 Stores.
All 35 Rampages.
All 36 Stunt Jumps.
All 100 Hidden Packages.
0 Times kill.
0 times it is arrested by the police.

Almost all rare and unique cars.
And as a bonus, the black Maverick from the beginning.

I thank NightWolfy004 and XB36Hazard.
Without them, it would not have been possible to make this particular save!


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