Cracking Safes in Houses V1.0

Cracking Safes in Houses V1.0

In the early stages of GTA San Andreas, the developers planned to add safes that the player could break into. For some reason, this mechanic was not implemented, although all the files and lines of the text remained in the game. This modification fully restores this function.

Safes are located in houses that you can rob during a thief mission. Approach the safe to start breaking into it. Gently turn the toggle switch to the right or left, listening for sounds, clicks, and vibrations. The safe can hold anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000.

You can see the number of safes cracked in your stats (in the pause menu).

How to use the mod:
Start the thief mission, go inside the house and find the safe. Approach it to start the hack.
To turn the toggle switch to the left or right, press the arrows on the keyboard or the sticks on the game pad.
If successful, you will see a “good” hint on the screen. You need to make four correct turns of the toggle switch to open the safe.
If you are playing with a game pad, the game pad will vibrate if the picking is successful.

How to install the mod:
Move the Cracking safes in houses.cs file to the Gameface/Binaries/Win64/CLEO folder. The CLEO Redux library is required for the mod to work.

SruckstarGames aka andre500

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