Yakuza Gang Member Suit Fix

Yakuza Gang Member Suit Fix

What is this mod?

This is a very simple texture replacement mod that removes a Diablos gang insignia that somehow made its way onto a Yakuza gang member’s back. The mod simply gets rid of it and replaces it with nothing so that the Yakuza gang member’s suit is now nice and plain.

How do I install/uninstall this mod?

Installation is fairly simple. Extract the provided .zip file to any folder on your Windows computer (for example, your Downloads folder), then copy-and-paste the ‘Gameface’ folder to the folder where ‘Grand Theft Auto III – Definitive Edition’ is installed, pasting it into the main folder. The mod will now be installed as the file “50-YakuzaFix.pak” within a folder called “~mods”. No files are overwritten as part of this process and no tools are required to install the mod.

If you would like to uninstall the mod, simply go to the “~mods” folder (within /Gameface/Content/Paks) and delete “50-YakuzaFix.pak”. Start the game as normal and you


The best way to immediately see how this looks is to check out the images, but if you want to see it in game, head over to Kenji’s Casino on the second island (Staunton Island) and look for the Yakuza gang members walking around. You shouldn’t see any Diablos gang logos on their backs. This means that the mod is working.

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