Weapon selection menu V2.0

Weapon selection menu V2.0

Weapon selection menu v2 for GTA San Andreas – Definitive Edition

Contents of version 2 updates:
1. Fixed some errors in the name of the menu
2. Completed weapon names in all menus
3. Added first option (select fist to clear all weapons)
4. Added tooltip for WSAD icon button
5. Compatibility with the new version of CLEO Redux 0.8.3

Now you need to use CLEO Redux 0.8.3 and higher

This is the first CLEO menu for choosing weapons, currently V2
Supports final version of GTADE SA only
Please first download and install CLEO Redux.

Installation Notes:
After unpacking, place the CLEO folder in the SA games directory
Gameface / Binaries / Win64 or directly place the weaponmenu_v2 (BY_XMDS) .cs file in the CLEO folder (if the main CLEO program is installed)

Press shift + number 2 (the one above the W key) at the same time to open the weapon menu

Manage the menu list in accordance with the game tip at the top left

S key or down arrow key to move to next item
You can also click any menu item with your mouse

A key and D key – toggle the weapon menu (main weapon and secondary weapon)

After selecting the menu item
Space or Enter key to enter submenu / get weapon
Key T – Return to the main menu/exit from the menu

In the secondary weapons menu, you can get sticks, knives, parachutes, etc.
The jetpack (aircraft) is the last one in the secondary weapon.

Note: There is no icon in the weapon submenu, only the name of the weapon.


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