Suicidal Photographers myth V1.0

Suicidal Photographers myth V1.0

Since Grove Street Games didn’t fix it or added it. I decided to add it myself.
To give a mysterious feel to the game.


This is Suicidal Photographer’s Myth for San Andreas Definitive Edition.

About the mod:
The Suicidal Photographer is a pedestrian who spawns on the coastline of the Flint County Scenic Route that runs from the Flint Intersection through Back O’ Beyond. They can be seen taking photos of the view across the Los Santos Inlet to Rodeo, Los Santos, before walking forwards and falling into the inlet itself, dying upon contact with the water, as all pedestrians do.

The main purpose of this mod was to restore the classic myth into a definitive edition.

How to use:
1) Go to the coastline of the Flint County Scenic Route
2) When you reach the location, you should see pedestrian taking the picture

You can still earn achievements

Known issues:
None – (so far)


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