Polyphonic Dubbing (Voiceover) Story and Radio

Polyphonic Dubbing (Voiceover) Story and Radio

Finally. After about a year of work, a lot of wasted nerves, and the involvement of about 40 people, I present to you the Russian voice acting (and even dubbing) not only of the Grand Theft Auto 3 storyline but also of the radio.

Head Radio
Lips 106
Double Clef FM
Flashback FM
Chatterbox FM (Yes, talk radio)

And, as a bonus, a police radio.

Throw the contents of the archive into the folder “Game root/Gameface/Content/Paks/~mods”
Another one may be added in the future. On the rest, they either read rap all the time, and if you translate this, you get a station with Russian rap, and the last one has no host. It remains to voice all the NPCs, but this is already in the foreseeable future.


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