New SA License plates V1.0

New SA License plates V1.0

Changes the base license plates, to something a little fresher, while trying to keep it semi-lore friendly and time period correct.

DukeOfYorktown’s GTA SA DE Plate Mod.

Just a little texture mod I made to spice up the plates during game-play for GTA:SA. And i thought others might enjoy it. These textures are just for the normal car plates and don’t affect cut-scene plates.

These plates are based off of the 1992, California and Nevada plates. And the 1980’s California Plate.

1992 being Los Santos/Las Venturas. And the 1980’s style plate for San Fierro.

Install: Just place the PAK file into the mods folder in your GTA SA DE Folder.
“GTA San Andreas – Definitive Edition\Gameface\Content\Paks\mods”

Have fun!


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