Large set of weapons from Fallout 3 V0.0.1

Large set of weapons from Fallout 3 V0.0.1

A large set of weapons from Fallout 3 for GTA San Andreas: The Definitive Edition
The photo shows only a small amount of weapons. Almost all weapons are replaced in the game.
Due to the fact that there are few weapons in the game, and in Fallout 3 there are a lot of them, I divided the weapons into sets. Only four sets.

32 weapons were replaced. Here is a list of replaced models:1) AK-47;2) baseball bat;3) castet;4) camera;5) cane;6) shotgun;7) m48) rifle;9) desert eagle or desert eagle;10) a toy for entertainment;11) flamethrower;12) flowers;13) grenades;14) thermal imager;15) katana;16) knife;17) Minigan;18) Molotov cocktail;19) mp520) baton;21) parachute;22) a pumpkin shotgun;23) RPG launcher;24) satchel/bag;25) a sawn -off shotgun;26) Semi Auto Colt 4527) shovel;28) a gun with a silencer;29) sniper rifle;30) a spray can;31) gas grenade;32) uzi.


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