Extended Weapons for Vehicles V0.8

Extended Weapons for Vehicles V0.8

Rockstar should have included this in the Definitive Edition.
Some San Andreas vehicles have now more usable weapons! Like in GTA Online. Use it for missions or whatever you want.

For the mod to work, you need CLEO Redux.

Installation: Put veh_ext_wpn.js in your Cleo folder (\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas – Definitive Edition\Gameface\Binaries\Win64\CLEO).

How to use:
Press SPACEBAR to drop bombs. Don’t drop bombs if you are very tilded.
Press SPACEBAR to drop boms. Press E to shoot explosive miniguns (can cause a bit of lag).
Press SPACEBAR to drop bombs.
Press SPACEBAR to drop bombs.
Press X (nitro button) to release pesticides (it works separately from real Cropduster’s smoke). Press E to shoot M4 guns.
Press SPACEBAR to drop land mines. MINES ARE ARMED.
Press SPACEBAR to drop nautical mines (works very weird). Press E to get into rear turret.
FBI Truck:
Press E to get into turret mode.
Cargobob & Leviathan:

Known issues:
Explosive miniguns can cause lag because the script is trying to calculate where is the collision point.
Mines and nautical mines are autoarmed to autodelete pickups.
Cropduster pesticides won’t work on scripted peds.


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