End Of The Line (GTA SA Save File) V1.0

End Of The Line (GTA SA Save File) V1.0

A save file right after “End of the line” 100% completion.

No glitches or cheats were used or abused during the entirety of making this save the file.

Save slot used: 4
High roller (casino gambling addict with negative stat to match).
Ultimate playa (all girlfriends dated to 100% without disaster).
Kleptomaniac (100 houses broken into with a bunch of profit).
Agoraphobic (898 1,088 safe house visits to fuel ammo addiction).
Hoarder (all clothing items available in wardrobe).
Royalty (1M+ criminal ranking)
Mile high club (Ace pilot ranking)

All story missions are complete.
All asset missions are complete.
These include all Valet, Wang Auto, Zero RC, Courier, Trucking, and Quarry missions.

Side Content:
Conquered the basketball challenge.
Played pool once (probably lost).
All stadium events are complete.
All street races from all three cities are complete.
These include all the airport checkpoint missions.
All vehicle missions are complete.
These missions include Taxi, Pimping, Freight, Firefighter, Paramedic, and Vigilante/Brown Thunder.
All off-road missions are complete.
All RC vehicle missions are complete.
Gold in all driving, bike, and boat school tests.
All three vehicle import wishlists were fulfilled.
Ammu-Nation shooting challenges complete.
Learned all three fighting movesets.
Own/obtained all properties.

70/70 unique jumps.
100/100 gang tags.
50/50 photographs.
50/50 horseshoes.
50/50 oysters.


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