Barely Any Subtitles Mod for GTA SA DE V1.0

Barely Any Subtitles Mod for GTA SA DE V1.0

Welcome to the Barely Any Subtitles Mod

This mod not only fixes the subtitles in a way that makes them less annoying but also improves other features such as performance, 3D Directional Audio enhancements (HRFT), and more.

To install, please read the readme as it contains important information regarding the installation process and additional warnings that may have not been noted here.

NOTE: Due to this mod Quests subtitles that tell you what to do next are also affected so if you’re not fond of this then please do not use this mod, this mod was created because no one in the community found a way to fix this bug subtitles talking was not in the original and was an optional setting; however gps and quests blimps are not affected.

This mod also may have a slight lag depending on your system, this is due to the files set to readme because gta DE will delete and reset the files to default and preventing the mod to stick. So, if the game lags for a very short amount of time it is happening because the game is trying to alter the modded file, and it’s unable to, but will auto-fix itself.

To accomplish this, we altered the subtitles mod beyond what that game officially supports leaving it to be a small barely hard-to-see black box, this mod doesn’t remove them but makes it very small and barely visible.

I recommend you back up your GameUserSettings.ini in case you wish to restore it at any time.

Be also aware since the mod is set to Read me Only editing setting in the game will no longer save or can be altered because it cannot overwrite the GameUserSettings.ini so if you need to change a setting either change it manually in the ini or set it the file to not be read-me only, but the mod will be affected.

I have made multiple ones with those with different resolutions, the available resolutions are: 4K (3840×2160), 2K (2560×1440) & 1080p (1920×1080) all are set on max settings, if you want a lower resolution, please request the “Posts” tab, thanks!


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