Ballas Conversion V1.0

Ballas Conversion V1.0

Play as the Ballas gang. This changes many aspects of GTA SA DE!

This mod pack aims to swap Grove st. with Ballas gang to make you the Balla!

For some of the stuff that I’m not able to change like gang territory colours I have instead provided an optional CLEO Redux script called “Remove Elements” that is placed in the “Optional” folder, it will remove the mini-map and green vehicle name text! This script is just a modification of Unkn0wnAli3n’s CLEO script.

This can also be paired with KaynYao’s mod called “Big Smoke FIXED (Ballas clothes and statue)” which will add a Balla themed statue at Smoke’s crack palace!

Inspiration for this mod came from similar mods for the OG version of GTA SA.

Things Changed:
– Gang peds/textures
– Gang cars W/ new colours (Balla = Tahoma, Majestic, Blade; Grove = Savanna, Voodoo)
– Graffiti tags + spray colour
– Tattoos
– Tons of player clothing Items + accessories (replaced every green item)
– Custom chain/pendant for the balla gang
– GPS line + waypoint colour
– Map arrow colour
– Colours of little gang men on the map
– Race map GPS Lines
– Story main characters
– Gang weapons (swapped models)
– Most UI elements (in-game and pause)
– Pause screen
– Loading screens & title screen
– Colour of Main menu text + shadow of text boxes
– Balla graffiti on CJ’s garage door
– Removed Sweet’s car number plate

Misc/Not Changed:
– Radar map territory colours (Use “Remove Elements” CLEO Redux mod to remove it!)
– Colour of the vehicle name text (Use “Remove Elements” CLEO Redux mod to remove it!)
– Colour of the square for homies and enemies on the mini-map (Use “Remove Elements” CLEO Redux mod to remove it!)
– References to Grove st. and Balla gang [in the menu pages and subtitles] – Storyline [only the models have been edited, the story itself and all pedestrian & player voice lines remain unchanged] Credits:

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